expertise & accomplishments

I have worn many hats throughout my career—as a strategic communcator and global marketer. Wearing these hats, I have built brands, bolstered sales, inspired employees, and launched products and even new companies.

Executive Advisor—advising company leadership, I

  • Develop and execute communications strategies for key corporate initiatives
  • Counsel senior management on communication strategy and tactical plans
  • Create messaging and prepare leadership for interactions with internal and external audiences
  • Work with C-suite executives to articulate key business issues

Key Accomplishment: Created communications plan for CEO transition for Harris Stratex Networks

Click to read the new CEO message to employees

Spokesperson—representing the company, I

  • Manage crisis and business continuity communications globally
  • Communicate corporate value propositions to stakeholders and investors
  • Establish and strengthen relationships with target media
  • Improve the quality of news coverage about the company
  • Leverage media strategy to avoid or limit involvement in negative press

Key Accomplishment: Managed first press conference in 58-year history of RTI International

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Key Accomplishment: Managed PR launch of first Sony Ericsson handset offered by T-Mobile

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  Brand Advocate—championing the company’s unique identity, I

  • Differentiate company products and services from the competition
  • Manage use of company brands in communications and marketing
  • Interpret communications strategy and propose creative treatments that align with strategy
  • Set the brand standards and ensure quality and effectiveness of creative services deliverables

Key Accomplishment: Creative director for two brand campaigns that won 2015 and 2012 IABC Gold Quill awards

Click to see the 2015 IABC Gold Quill award for an RTI International campaign

Click to see the 2012 IABC Gold Quill award for an RTI International campaign

Key Accomplishment: Launched new corporate identity and brand for Harris Stratex Networks

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  Corporate Storyteller—leading communications projects, I

  • Create communications plans that support strategic goals
  • Focus messages for increased company awareness and audience engagement
  • Write impactful copy targeted to the identified audience

Key Accomplishment: Communications lead for Harris MCD and Stratex Networks merger

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  Project Manager—planning and executing projects, I

  • Build relationships to align people and priorities toward a common goal
  • Assemble the right talent and tools to get the job done
  • Manage people, plans, tasks, and budgets to assure on-time, high-quality deliverables
  • Streamline and simplify processes for team members
  • Identify and mitigate risks and measure success throughout the lifetime of the project

Key Accomplishment: Managed an international microwave radio product launch for Harris MCD

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