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I have worked with some amazing people with whom I have shared some incredible experiences.

RTI International School Visit, Kenya


2015 IABC Gold Quill Awards, Chicago


RTI International Team, India


2012 IABC Gold Quill Awards, Chicago


Sony Ericsson Usher Event, New York

Usher at The Apollo

HSTX Marketing Meeting, San Jose


HSTX Media Event, Barcelona

HSTX Media Event

Harris Sales Meeting, Orlando

Harris Sales Meeting 

HSTX Team, South Africa


recommendations from colleagues

Position Held: Senior Director, Communications at RTI International

“Kami is among the most capable corporate communications and marketing professionals with whom I have ever worked. She is a smart, confident leader who combines creativity, intellect, discipline and personality in the right amounts at the right times to get the most from her team. She is a polished executive who is cool under pressure, has a great sense of humor, and is equally comfortable giving board room presentations or leading small working groups with her sleeves rolled up. What I admire most about Kami is the strategic approach she brings to each issue – whether the career development of a team member, a sensitive management initiative, or a complex communication campaign. She is a rare combination of leader and manager, who creatively develops best practices and then effectively gets them to scale.”

- Patrick Gibbons, Executive Director of Academic Communications, University of Notre Dame
“Kami is an extremely smart and talented communicator and one of the best managers I have had the privilege of working for. She empowers her staff, giving them the opportunity to grow, develop and excel, and yet she always makes herself available to answer questions, provide advice and offer guidance. She truly excels at all aspects of communications from developing exciting, creative and dynamic communications campaigns to handling crisis communications, managing social media programs, advising executives, leading change communications and developing global communications strategies. She is a natural leader and mentor, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with her. ”

- Lisa Bistreich-Wolfe, External Communications & PR, SAS
“Kami is a talented and inspiring leader who brings a unique combination of strategic visionary thinking and detailed, tactical planning. She understands the importance of clear expectations and professional recognition, and she knows how to rally a team around a goal. Her experience as a communicator and manager of people runs broad and deep, and she draws on that well daily to the advantage of her direct reports and their staff, her colleagues, and the institute as a whole. Working with and for Kami I’ve felt empowered to own my function, to try new things, and to grow professionally and personally. ”

- Anna Weaver, Content Manager, RTI International
“Kami is a passionate and effective leader. She inspires her team with her enthusiasm, encouragement, and collaborative style; and yet she can simultaneously hold them accountable to schedules and deliverables without missing a beat. She brings energy and vision to a project. Her style augments her knowledge to make her a strong corporate communications leader. I enjoyed working with Kami and hope I have an opportunity to do so again!”

- Lexton Raleigh, VP, Customer Success, Broadvine
“Kami Spangenberg is both a fabulous leader and manager. Those two qualities don’t always exist in the same person, but they do in Kami! I worked for Kami at RTI International for four years as an Information Services Specialist in the Library and Information Services group. As the Senior Director of Public Relations and Corporate Communications, Kami dynamically leads six teams in the areas of staff communications, marketing, public relations, content, library services, and RTI Press. Kami has brought great energy, professionalism, respect, and team development to our groups, and is a savvy manager of both projects and people. She acknowledges and appreciates the work that team members perform and the services we provide for the institute. Kami earns my highest recommendation. It has been a pleasure working with her.”

- Karen Jordan, Librarian, Saint Louis Zoo, Institute for Conservations Medicine

Position Held: Corporate Communications Consultant at Progress Energy

“I worked with Kami at a mutual client where she was part of the same Change Management team. Kami had a keen ability to take complex concepts and create communication themes, language, and visuals that resonated with the audience in a clear and compelling way. She has a fine tuned detail oriented style, and builds trust with the client and other colleagues easily. Her work product is excellent and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kami on any future project.”

- Shannon Tennyson, Change Management Consultant, Global EDM, Bunge
“I had the great pleasure of working alongside Kami on the Smart Grid DSDR project at Progress Energy. We collaborated closely on some projects which gave me a first-hand view of her boundless energy and creativity. In addition to being a strong communicator, Kami is able to develop polished content in a variety of mediums. She's also extremely personable and able to adapt her style on-the-fly to meet the needs of the business. She's someone who I feel lucky to have worked with and would instantly recommend her to anyone seeking a competent and gifted communications professional.”

- Alan Tarrant, Curriculum Coordinator, Business Alliance and Solutions, Martin Marietta

Position Held: Corporate Communications Principal at Campbell Alliance

“Kami has provided excellent support to the executive management team in the development of confidential, strategic and other business materials disseminated throughout the firm and or/in confidence to specific internal and external business associates. Kami is committed to providing thoughtful input and attention to detail while proactively taking ownership to ensure timely deliverables are met by a smooth and well-orchestrated development plan. Kami possesses a can-do, energetic and positive attitude in even the most difficult and time sensitive assignments. I highly recommend Kami.”

- Patrick Manhard, CFO, inVentiv Health Consulting
“Kami and I often worked together in high stress, difficult, tight deadline situations. Kami always maintained an extraordinary level of professionalism and calm demeanor. She is an excellent project manager and detail oriented, somehow always able to deliver a quality product on time. Kami sets herself apart from her peers with positive, infectious energy. She is also a great mentor, always willing to take the time to provide guidance or coaching to a colleague in need. I would love the opportunity to work with Kami again in the future.”

- Kathleen Carney, Director Financial Planning and Analysis, inVentiv Health Consulting
“Kami is a first-rate project manager with excellent technical skills and unflappable professionalism, even in the most stressful situation.”

- Joshua Kolling-Perin, VP, Corporate Communications, Medical Mutual
“Kami was an excellent partner in developing marketing materials for the company. She helped me draft, review, and improve a wide variety of marketing materials and campaigns, including e-mail promotions, online advertisements, brochures, and PowerPoint presentations. Kami's marketing background enabled her to add tremendous value to these projects. Kami always demonstrated a positive attitude, a willingness to help, and a strong commitment to completing projects within the agreed upon timeframes.”

- Mark Brown, Respiratory Marketing, NUCALA Asthma at GlaxoSmithKline

Position Held: Head of Marketing Communications, NA, Sony Ericsson

“While working with Kami, my team and I were quick to discover the high degree of talent and PR/marketing comms experience she brought to her position with Sony Ericsson. Her ability to collaborate internally, with customers and (in my case) with her agencies was absolutely critical to the success of the programs and campaigns she managed. With her genuine and upbeat demeanor, Kami created a productive and enjoyable day-to-day environment - always pushing for a creative and streamlined solution that would address a challenge. Her straight talk and openness to new ideas and the way she rolled up her sleeves, made her an absolute joy to work with. Our entire team learned a great deal from her - whether through her strategic leadership or through how she managed the day to day with a positive and encouraging outlook.”

- Dan Guitteau, Executive Vice President, GolinHarris

Position Held: Corporate Communications Director at Harris Stratex Networks

“Kami is an outstanding communications executive and is a pleasure to work with.”

- Sheryl Kravitz, Principal, Tugboat Brand & Business Development
“Kami is an outstanding individual, both personally and professionally. Her dedication, initiative and personable demeanor make her an incredible asset and a joy to work with.”

- John Roy, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, The Bank of Tampa
“Kami is one of the best managers I have had the opportunity to work for in my career. She is knowledgeable, dedicated and extremely organized. She has the uncanny ability to bring out the best in people, all the while motivating them to work on areas where they are not as strong or comfortable. She empowers and supports her team to lead projects and make business decisions, while taking the time to understand and communicate upper management’s goals and objectives. Most importantly, Kami takes the responsibility of a manager with direct reports very seriously. She is proactive in conducting regular employee reviews – providing constructive feedback, and setting clear and realistic objectives. She encourages and helps her team to think outside of the box. And she ensures they have tools to continue to grow and broaden their knowledge and expertise. Even though I did not work out of the same office as Kami, I always felt like I was in the loop and part of the team. I truly enjoyed working with Kami. Her ability to lead and motivate others and to make sound decisions will be definite assets to any company.”

- Isabelle Richards, Web Developer, Digital Marketing Manager, Aviat Networks
“We don't have many clients who can see the big picture while keeping a sharp eye on the small stuff. Most people have the talent for one thing or the other. While with Harris MCD and then with HarrisStratex, Kami ran an incredibly tight ship. Without micromanaging, she operated one of the most organized and structured communications departments we've seen. There was never any panic because details were always dealt with in good time. Yet somehow she also had the time to steer the company and its communications strategy consistently down the right path.”

- Tom Cheesewright, PR Executive and Applied Futurist, Book of the Future
“Kami is a very measured professional with a high-level of energy and dedication to the tasks at hand.”

- Joanne Dietch, President, Joanne Dietch, Inc.

Position Held: Senior Manager, Global Marketing Communications at Harris Corporation - MCD

“Kami demonstrated an acute understanding of the need for marketing and sales to work hand-in-hand to deliver a single coordinated message to the customer base. As a high-energy team player with a positive attitude, she was a true asset to sales as a marketer and communicator. She knows her job function in-depth and is always willing to go the extra mile to support her co-workers. Kami was always focused on delivering exceptional quality to her customers. In a market difficult for competitors to differentiate, Kami could position the product and the message to stand out in the marketplace.”

- Darryl Parker, VP Sales and Marketing, Ampt LLC
“Kami was more than a manager to me, she was a mentor. She takes the time to work with her staff, while also helping them grow and excel. In her role at Harris, she delivered consistent excellence in everything she was involved in. She is hands down one of the most professional individuals I have ever worked for.”

- Eric Ehlers, Marketing Manager, Cisco

Position Held: Global Marketing Director at Tompkins Associates

“It was a great learning experience and a pleasure to work with Kami Spangenberg when I reported to her as marketing communications coordinator at Tompkins Associates. Her leadership skills, creativity, and can-do attitude were evident at every turn. In addition, she ensured that the folks on her team received the training and tools needed for success individually and on a corporate level. I would not hesitate to recommend Kami for a top leadership position in marketing, PR, communications, business, or related fields. She has that rare combination of leadership and team commitment that make her excel in organizations.”

- Myra Schwarz, Writer and Editor
“Kami is an excellent team leader and manager. She was a pleasure to work with as she always brought fresh ideas and a great attitude to the table.”

- Michael Halsey, Vice President, Tompkins International